We believe that mission thinking and mission practice should be inseparable. Both should inform each other. We write to connect missional thinking – deep engagement with the theological, biblical and sociological factors involved in mission – with missional activity – those passionate people involved in transforming lives for the Kingdom of God.

Of course, these aren’t always by definition different people, but we aim to help mission practice today inform mission thinking; and visa versa.

With Thinking Mission Practice, we put mission at the centre of both, and we aim to speak on subjects that matter and affect mission today. Each of the articles we write will have a ‘so what?’ element, and should be able to make a difference on Monday morning, as well as on Sunday evening.

Our writers and contributors are theologians and experts in missiology, all with field experience in mission. They are passionate about applying deep insight to real-world situations.

Respectful and relevant comment is welcome, discussion is encouraged, and contributions from you, the reader, will be warmly received.

Welcome to Thinking Mission Practice, a Redcliffe College blog.